1. Logan believes that government must respect tax payers and be accountable
  2. A democratically elected government must be held accountable for its actions. A responsible government would be transparent and open. It is evident from the numerous scandals and preferential treatment of Liberal donors, that the Ontario Liberal government is no longer fit to govern our great province. There is no end to the corruption, bribery, and dis-respect for hard working tax payers:

    • Senior Liberal MPPs were charged after allegedly deleting emails in an alleged cover-up attempt
    • 99.4% of wind energy contracts went to Liberal party donors
    • eHealth scandal: after $1 Billion of wasteful spending, the program is still not complete
    • OLG scandal: millions of dollars wasted by Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp employees on expensive dinners, gym memberships, and social clubs
    • MPAC scandal: Municipal Property Assessment corporation(MPAC) refused to investigate Auditor General's finding
    • Cancer Care Ontario scandal: Taxpayers paid the bill for high-priced consultants performing questionable work

  3. Logan knows that Ontarians deserve better health care
  4. Despite a 6% increase in federal contributions since 2004 and over 140,000 new patients entering the health care system each year, the Liberal government's track record is as follows:

    • $50 Million cuts in physiotherapy
    • Cuts to over $800 Million in physician service fees
    • Over 800,000 people in Ontario without a family doctor
    • Wait times for life changing surgeries, doctor appointments, and emergency room visits continue to get longer
    • Ontario Health Preminum (OHP) was the single largest tax increase in Ontario's history even though it de-listed many of the services that were covered by OHIP, which now requires taxpayers to pay out of their own pocket

  5. Logan will work hard to put an end to sky-rocketing energy prices
  6. Economists are sounding the alarm on sky-rocketing energy prices. Ontario is loosing jobs and small businesses are closing their doors due to un-affordable electricity bills. The root cause behind this crisis is poor energy policy implementations:

    • Gas plants' cancellation costs have been pegged at $1.1 billion despite Liberal cover-up
    • Hydro rates have increased tremendously and will continue to increase by another 42%
    • $1 Billion wasted in implementing "Smart" meter program which has NOT saved families money
    • 59,000 households cut off from the grid in 2015 because they couldn't pay the bill
    • Ontario supplies electricity to Quebec and New York at discounted prices, while Ontario manufacturers pay 4 to 5 times more for their usage
    • Despite these issues, the Liberal government plans to add taxes on gasoline and home utilities